Why Rotary?

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Why I'm a Marshall Rotarian

By James J. Johnston

August 5, 2019

I belong to Rotary because it is a world-wide organization with local impact. Internationally it has taken on polio eradication. Locally it is providing college scholarships for high school graduates and single parents. I travel 116 miles from Fayetteville to Marshall to attend Rotary meetings in my home town, because I enjoy the fellowship--some of that dates to my childhood -- and doing things to enhance Marshall, such as welcome signs on the highways, and being a source of small finance for school organizations. I also enjoy putting on the annual pancake breakfast for all the graduates of Marshall High School who return for the annual alumni weekend and the community. We have hosted Rotary exchanges who come to Arkansas for a few days. This puts us in touch with young entrepreneurs from around the world. The have enjoyed floating the Buffalo River and visiting Blanchard Cave. For me, the Marshall Rotary Club has been a source of fulfillment, helping my hometown with a truly great bunch of people, and reaching out to the outside world with good deeds.